Day 0.5 – Seattle – the “Rainy” city

Wednesday, March 26 – Exploring Downtown Seattle – Cloudy with a few showers

I call this Day 0.5 since it is an extended layover on the way to Maui.  Maui will be the real Day 1!

Woke up early – headed out to walk to Pike Place Market to find the “Coffee and A Specialty Bakery” for Joe and Carter.  They are a dedicated gluten-free bakery/shop – everything there is gluten-free and according to both Joe and Carter is the BEST gluten-free bakery they have ever been to!  Carter had two cinnamon rolls right out of the oven, and Joe had some kind of egg and bacon pie/tart along with a chocolate eclair he said was awesome!

IMG_2117 969295_10152283616409659_1438509737_n


We wandered around the market a bit but things were not really open yet, so we strolled around town and walked through the Olympic Sculpture Garden/Park on the way to the Space Needle.  The sculpture garden was not quite “art” in our opinion but a nice walk on a cloudy morning. Found the Space Needle and got up on the 1st elevator ride up to the top at 10am.  It was windy and a bit chilly at the top.  I’m sure very nice views on a sunny day but it was cloudy and sprinkling.  I guess you can’t go to Seattle without doing this but on this particular day I can’t say it was worth the $19/adult to go to the top.   Here’s the real picture of us and the one with the “fake” background.


Headed back to the market via the Monorail – did you know that this monorail, which only travels about a mile each way, as gone a million miles?  I wonder how many trips it has taken?


We really enjoyed wandering the shops in the market.  Found one that sold many different types of gluten-free pasta.  Didn’t buy it but planned to come back later in the day and get some to bring with us to make in the condo in Maui.



Lots of odd shops in the market – did lot’s of window shopping but didn’t buy anything.


And of course we visited the famous Pike Place Fish Market – watching them throw the halibut each time someone ordered some!


After wandering the market, we were hungry but had a tough time finding something local Carter would like and could eat, so we headed to the PF Chang we saw near our hotel earlier in the day – pretty much Carter’s favorite place to eat in the world.   After lunch headed to the hotel for a bit of a rest/break.

We had planned to possibly take a ride on the ferry to Bainbridge Island in the afternoon, but the weather was not really cooperating – no downpours but cloudy and light drizzle.   We headed back to the market and walked along the waterfront/explored the piers for awhile, and then decided we had enough walking so headed back to the hotel and ordered pizza for an early evening.

IMG_2120 IMG_2119


Just relaxed, ordered a pizza, and watched a bit of TV.  To bed early – shuttle coming at 6:10am to pick us up for the airport.

It was fun exploring Seattle for a day since we had never been here before but looking forward to sunshine and beauty in Maui tomorrow!

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