Day 3 – Honolua Bay, NW Coast Sites, Lahaina

Saturday, March 29 – Great snorkeling and sites – fun long day with a bit of sunburn!

Up early again (5:30) – love sitting on lanai in the morning looking out at ocean.  I could do this every day!

Today we are going to explore the West/NW area of the island, since weather looks good up there and potential rain in the south where we are.  Breakfast and lunch/snacks were packed in the cooler and left around 7 to head up to Honolua Bay for snorkeling.  First ones in the parking lot.  We weren’t sure we were in the right place but the guy selling woodwork out of the van said we were – so off we went down the trail!  It was a beautiful walk – Joe’s exact words were “Now this is Hawaii”.

IMG_0067 IMG_2227 IMG_2229 IMG_0093 IMG_0102

I also loved the local signs along the way.   These kinds of signs seem to exist around many of the popular sites on Maui.


And of course – I had to have a picture of another rooster.  Cock-a-doodle-doo!


Local guy down at the bay warned us (nicely) that if we started to feel ANY current at all while out there to “get the hell out fast” as thunderstorms were predicted.  Snorkeled for over an hour – beautiful coral and saw a few fish that we had not seen before.  No turtles today.  I have not been very successful this trip with our underwater camera – could be because it’s been cloudy outside and not extremely clear water – or it’s just me:)

DSCN0502 DSCN0494

After we walked back to the car and got back on the road, we were treated to the beautiful views of Honolua Bay from the top of the road.  Gorgeous!

IMG_2233 IMG_0113

Next step was the Nakalele Blowhole.   The short hike down was very pretty.


Once we got to the blowhole we saw it shoot off – hard to predict when it is going to blow and it can be very dangerous if you are too close.


We kept our distance – although there were some others that were a little too brave (or stupid) for my taste.

IMG_2249 IMG_0131

As we headed back up, we found some cool rock formations.


The heart was really neat!  Joe seems not so sure about having his picture taken here for some reason 🙂


Next stop was the Olivine Pools.  This is another area you need to be extremely cautious, and can only visit when the ocean is calm (which is was on this day).  We really wanted to visit as they were advertised as being similar to what is known as the Queen’s Bath on Kauai, which was our absolute favorite place on that island.  We were not nearly as impressed with these pools and we did not stay long, but they were still a nice diversion today.  This was another hike down the lava rocks.


DSCN0522 DSCN0527

Next stop had to be to find a place to eat the lunch/snacks we brought as we were starving!  We had to turn around after the Olivine pools as the road was closed soon after that.  Even if it had not been closed, this stretch of road is known to be very treachourous and you are not supposed to take rental cars there, so we turned around to start heading back down the coast.

We stopped at a place called Slaughterhouse Beach (not sure how it got it’s name).  It was a really nice beach down about 100 concrete steps.  Didn’t know until we got there but a great beach for bodysurfing.  After we ate our cheese, meat, and crackers (a lunch staple for us while out and about) Joe and Carter played in the waves for about an hour while I relaxed on the beach.

IMG_0227 IMG_2294 - Version 2 IMG_2276 IMG_2262 IMG_2315

It was partly cloudy and I was comfortable just sitting in a nice shady spot watching the birds eat our lunch crumbs on the beach.  I don’t know what kind of bird this is but this pretty little guy really enjoyed our lunch crumbs!


Started the drive back South slowly, took the road from Kapalua to Kahana (I think?).  Stopped at the general store in Kapalua for a t-shirt for Joe.  ABC stores seem to be like Target for us – we go in for one thing that costs $15 and spend $50 every time!

Stopped to see the “Dragon Teeth” in Kapalua.


Kapalua is a beautiful area and I know many enjoy staying in this area.  We decided that as much as we like the beauty of this area we do really like being South where we are better.

IMG_0237 IMG_0231 IMG_2322 IMG_2317

It’s been a long day so far and we’ve seen so much already – but there is more!  We kept heading back south towards “home” and arrived in the town of Lahaina about 4pm.

This car was parked on the street – I thought it would be really fun to drive this around Maui!


Saw the Banyan tree – impossible to get the whole tree in one picture – very cool!



Explored the shops a bit – bought one small souvenir for someone back home.  Joe was amusing himself by taking selfies in a mirror while I looked around.


Found the Cool Cat Cafe for dinner (really yummy burgers and great people watching looking over the street).

Ate quick and then rushed out to catch the sunset by the harbor – beautiful!

IMG_2347 IMG_2352IMG_0265

Stopped at Local Boys for Shave Ice.  Good but we all agreed Ululani’s was better.


South Maui had quite a bit of rain today (we had none!) and there was a flash flood watch due to downpours they had in Kihei – we didn’t see any sign of rain or flooding on our way back.

Back to the resort around 8:00 and we were all totally exhausted – very long but fun day!  Took showers, examined our sunburns (we didn’t do a great job remembering sunscreen today – need to do better rest of the week).

Tomorrow plans were to stay South, maybe try a bit of snorkeling, and just relax and do what we feel like.  Not sure what that is what will happen yet as the Maui News reports have indicated there is some murky water in the South due to heave rains (shark alert!).   Since I don’t like to swim with sharks we will have to be flexible with our plans:)

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