Day 4 – Kaanapali Beach/Blackrock, Star Noodle, Relaxation

Sunday, March 30 – Headed West again to avoid the rain and murky waters, and rest up from yesterday!

It rained in Kihei and there was a murky water alert in the South so we headed West to checkout Kaanapali Beach and Blackrock.

We slept in.  Ok Joe and Carter slept until 7:30 and I was up at 6:30 enjoying the beauty of daybreak over the ocean.  At home I am not a morning person but I love this quiet time on vacation!

morning lanai

We headed for breakfast at the Kihei Caffe, one of the highly recommended breakfast spots.  Waited in line about 10-15 minutes to order, and the food came quick after that.  According to Carter they had the best bacon ever.  Joe had the basics – eggs and sausage I had the French toast with bananas and macadamia nuts which was okay but I thought a bit overrated.  I want to go back and next time I want one of their yummy looking cinnamon rolls!



As we drove up to the West coast the weather looked pretty grey on the other side of the island.  I believe some of this came South today also so good reason we headed West!

am weather over mountain

We got to Kaanapali Beach area around 10am.  Too late for parking near Blackrock so we parked in Whaler’s Village.  It was a bit of a walk down the beach down to Blackrock but it was nice to explore the area a bit.

Maybe it was not a good day there – but personally we thought Blackrock was a bit overrated for snorkeling.  The water was not very clear, there were only a few fish, and it was just WAY too crowded for our tastes.





I think there were more people at Blackrock than fish!


We did see a turtle right at shore a couple of times but did not even try to take pictures as he was getting surrounded by the crowd.  I felt sorry for him and decided I did not need to join in that circus.  We have had enough other opportunities to photograph turtles when they are not “trapped” on the beach by over-excited kids, so we decided to move on.

Joe/Carter played in waves for about an hour.  I joined them once to cool off quickly, and then I read on the beach and enjoyed the sun/beach/people watching.


Many people really like this area of Maui and the total beach scene.  We agreed this was definitely not a place we would ever stay – just way too many people for us.  We prefer the smaller more secluded beaches.  These crowds remind me more of Spring Break (I know that is what we are on but I don’t want to feel like it!).

kb3 kb2

After we had enough sun and beach for the day, we headed back South and stopped at Star Noodle, another highly rated restaurant for a late lunch.  We knew they had gluten-free options and Carter is a huge noodle lover.


We only had to wait about 5 minutes for a table (it was a pretty late lunch – around 2).  I started with my first local Maui beer.  It was frosty cold and good!


The waiter was really knowledgeable about what was gluten-free, and he actually highlighted the items for us on the menu with a highlighter!  We decided to share and he suggested two appetizers and 2-3 entrees.  Carter just wanted buttered rice noodles so we ordered Roasted Mushrooms, Vietnamese Crepes, Pad Thai, and Singapore Noodles.  The crepes were the best!  You eat them kind of like lettuce wraps.


The two entrees were really good too.  Carter even liked them especially the Pad Thai.  We now have another dish we know he likes which is always a good find!


After lunch we did a quick trip to Costco to get some crackers (they have big boxes of the gf crackers we like) and a couple of other snacks.  We had planned to stop at the Ululani’s near Costco for a Shave Ice but we were still too full from lunch!

Relaxed for awhile back at the hotel and did a load of laundry.  Took Carter to the pool and watched the sunset.  It was a beautiful one tonight.  I love the view of Molokini Crater from our hotel!


We were not hungry for dinner so decided to just relax, have popcorn and watch a movie in the room.  Went to bed early to rest up for our Road to Hana day tomorrow!

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