Day 6 – Zipline Fun and More!

Tuesday, April 1 – Zipline Fun, Makawao, Lunch in Paia, Turtles and Surfers, and a bit of beach time!

Another busy day.  We don’t generally like two back-to-back but we had scheduled in advance and changing other things around due to weather kind of dictated our schedule.  Oh well – we just roll with it.

Day started early – leaving at 6:30 to get to a 7:30 check-in at Northshore Zipline in Haiku.  Got there in plenty of time.  This was a first zipline experience for all of us and we had a blast on the lines and learning to zip.  We had expected a bit more of scenery but it was still fun (we zipped from treetop to treetop in an old army camp area).  Northshore is working on getting a permit for a zipline that goes over the ocean – I think first one in Maui.   I think that would be a blast!


Carter was really happy that he just made the 70 pound weight minimum so we could ride by himself without a guide (he weighed in at 70.5!).


Joe proved to be the most flexible.


And I tried to do the hang loose sign but had trouble concentrating on which fingers to put up while flying through the air!


After the zipline we spent a bit of time exploring Makawao and Paia.  We like exploring new small towns while traveling.  Didn’t spend much time in Makawao so no pictures there – just poked in a few shops.

In Paia I think we stopped in pretty much every shop there – but didn’t buy anything.  Wasn’t really in a shopping mood today.


And of course we had to take a picture of the surfboard fence.  I love how they have these all over the north shore!


For lunch we checked out the menu at the Flatbread Company as we knew they had gluten-free flatbread, but it was $6 extra for the gluten-free crust.  It always costs more but that was a bit ridiculous!  Walked down to Rock & Brews which was a GREAT decision!

Loved the open air dining with all of the rock memorabilia.  It was really neat!

rock1 rock2

They had gluten-free options for pizza, and Joe always gets excited when they make fries in a dedicated fryer (french fries are gluten-free but many restaurants make them with other stuff that is not which sucks).  Anyway, the food was great!  The gluten-free pizza had a square crust that they make themselves and freeze in their LA store – and both Joe and Carter said it was really good.

Yes – our kid eats jalapenos AND hot red peppers on his pizza.



The burgers were good too.  This is mine (Joe had without the bun) and it was juicy, lots of cheese, and on some kind of home-made bun from a bakery in Paia somewhere.


After lunch we headed down to Hookipa Beach to watch the surfers and windsurfers.  The waves were not too big today but it was still really fun to watch.

surf1 surf2

Our tour guide at Northshore had given us a tip that there were always turtles resting on the beach at Hookipa.  We headed down there and sure enough they were all over the place!  I was glad to see there was also a volunteer there watching over them and asking tourists to keep their distance.  We saw at least 8 turtles there!

turtle1 turtle2

After watching the surfers and visiting the turtles, we headed back to our hotel.  We decided to keep driving a little South of the hotel to see what was there.  We found a coconut stand and decided to stop as Carter wanted to try the coconut water.

We got to watch her artfully crack the coconut without losing the water first.



Then we all got a drink.  Carter decided as much as he loves coconuts, he did not like the water.


He also did not like the fresh coconut.  He said it didn’t taste like coconut.  Weird kid 🙂


Back to hotel to relax a bit – went to the beach for a quick swim – Joe and Carter played in the waves and the sand.

day6beach2 day6beach

After the beach we decided we were hungry for steak but wanted something reasonably priced.  Headed to Stella Blues in Kihei.  Joe got his steak and it was really good (he shared a bite with me).  Carter had shrimp cocktail.  I stuck with a salad which was also good – decided I’d been eating way too much the last few days.

Unfortunately we missed the sunset today (it was during dinner).  After dinner went home and crashed again after a couple of pretty long but fun days exploring!  Rest of the week plans are pretty laid back – planning for lots of beach time!


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