Day 8 and 9 – South Beaches and Snorkeling; and more Beaches

Thursday, April 3 and Friday April 4 – Lot of Beach Time and Relaxing!

Combining these two days as we did not do much except hit the beaches and relax (which is a perfect time on Maui in my book!).

On Thursday we planned to get up and go snorkel right away at some of the South beaches/areas (second day of this plan) but Carter was not feeling good so we hung out around the resort, explored the shops in nearby Wailea (too pricey for my taste), and went in to Kihei for a Shave Ice at Ululani’s (becoming regulars here).  Shave Ice seems to always make you feel better 🙂


We headed to the beach at our hotel around noon.  I just LOVE our little Maluaka Beach at our hotel.  It is so pretty and it is never too crowded.

beach1 beach2

We had bought a real cheap (and I mean REAL cheap) boogie board for Carter the day before and learned why it was so cheap – seems to have a slight crack in it after just one day but hopefully will last him at least one more beach day.  Hard to get him out of the water he is having so much fun!


Joe tried it out too whenever he could convince Carter to give it up for a minute.


Found a cute little turtle someone made in the sand.  At first I thought it was pooping, then I realized “she” was laying eggs!


After the beach went back to the room for awhile and relaxed and caught up a bit on my blogs while Joe took a nap and Carter played Nintendo for awhile.



Went to Fred’s Mexican Cafe for dinner.  Food was just ok – nothing memorable.  Decor was unique.




Just an easy relaxing day on Maui, ending with another beautiful sunset


On to Friday – more beaches…

Friday we got up and headed to Ahihi Bay right away before breakfast, hoping to snorkel there before it got too choppy.  The bay area is very pretty.

ahihibay1 ahihibay2

Unfortunately it was not a good day for snorkeling there today.  There were TONS of fish but the waves stirred up the sand too much and it was too cloudy so you couldn’t see them well.  We were disappointed as we had heard this was supposed to be a great place to snorkel.  Snorkeling this trip has been a bit of a bust.  The views however on this southern drive around the island are very beautiful!

view of south road

And I see they are coming along nicely on my dream home that is just North of Ahihi Bay 🙂


Headed to breakfast at Fabiani’s – one of the few places in Wailea that had reasonable prices.  Their omelets and breakfast potatoes were both really good.  Probably spent about the same amount here for breakfast as we did at Kihei Caffe.

More beach time after breakfast – wanted to try Po’olenalena Beach as we had heard it was nice and quiet.  It was a good size beach, had snorkeling (but again too choppy today) and more gorgeous views.


There were awesome waves today at Po’olenalena Beach too!  When it’s too choppy for snorkeling it’s time for bodysurfing and boogie boarding! Carter’s cheap boogie board is still hanging on.


Carter tried making a sand turtle.  Not quite as good as the one we saw yesterday but effort counts!

carter turtle

I loved how the tide was coming in here.


And then – Carter started to realize this was our last full day on Maui before heading home 😦


After the beach, we decided Shave Ice would make a good lunch – so off we went to Ulalani’s.  I wanted to see what the Ma’alea Harbor looked like and we saw there was an Ulalani’s in the general store there, so drove up for a look and our lunch-time treat.

Also Carter finally decided what he wanted for a souvenir – a turtle flute that we saw (yes you can actually play songs on it – I guess it’s kind of like a recorder but only with four holes) in one of the open air shopping areas in Kihei – so off we went to buy his flute before going back to the resort.


Back “home” at the Makena resort, we realized we still had not taken any photos of the grounds at the resort, and they were so beautiful!   Although we were thrilled to have a room with an ocean view, I think we would have been perfectly happy with this garden view as well!


It was so peaceful walking through this area every time we headed for the pool or beach.

resort6 resort3

Joe set up his tripod and we even got a nice family picture!



And here is the resort pool.  Nothing too special but it is right next to the ocean.  We didn’t spend a lot of time here.


And – the final sunset at our resort.  I will miss these Maui sunsets so much!

lastsunset2 lastsunset

Off to dinner.  We decided to try something close and went to Mulligans on the Blue which was on the golf course.  They had two guys playing some kind of blues type Hawaiian Music (if there is such a thing) which was really nice.  Sat outside on the lanai overlooking the golf course which was a beautiful setting.

Drinks were good.   Joe had the girlie drink below.  I had a pineapple mojito which was really good!


Joe had ribs and Carter had mac and cheese (with gluten-free noodles!) and they both really liked it.  I ordered a steak and it was not very good at all.  Oh – and I got the lobster tail for $8 extra for Carter to eat – he LOVES lobster!

After dinner we went back and finished packing, had some popcorn and watched some TV.  Feeling a bit sad that we are leaving Maui tomorrow, but have had a wonderful glorious time.

Next installment – killing time and savoring our last bit of Maui before the long flight home!


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