Day 10 – Enjoying our last day in Paradise

Saturday, April 5 – Final snorkel and beach time, drive upcountry, and killing time at Hookipa

We got up early hoping to make the most of our last day.  Joe and I tried a final snorkel at Maluaka Beach at our resort while Carter stayed in and watched TV.  The waves were still stirring things up quite a bit – just not a good overall snorkel week but always have to give it a try.  We were early enough to be pretty much the only ones on the beach – I love empty beaches!

empty beach

Had a quick breakfast – muffins Joe and Carter had bought the day before and a piece of banana bread from Starbucks for me on the go (not NEARLY as good as Aunt Sandy’s on the Road to Hana!).

Tried for a late check out but was not available.  Since we had to check out by noon we decided to check out early and left our bags at hotel so we did not need to worry about them (they said we could use the hospitality room later to shower), and we headed to Ulua Beach down the road.  Tried some snorkeling there as well.  Didn’t see much so called it a day for that.  I can see how this would be a nice snorkel area when it’s calm.


Spent a couple of hours at Ulua Beach – more wave and beach play for Carter.  Another beautiful beach – there are so many of them along this area of the coast.


After a couple of hours we said good-bye to having our toes in the sand….


… and headed back to the hotel to shower.  Turns out we were back slightly before noon so could have waited on the check-out.  Oh well.

Next – we had to have one last Ululani’s Shave Ice so a stop in Kihei was necessary!

last ululani

Oh – and in the Ululani parking lot Carter found something he had been looking for very hard the whole trip – and he finally found it.   A license plate from a state other than Hawaii!


We still had a lot of time before our 9pm flight, and decided we wanted to see more of the upcountry area so decided to visit the Lavender Farm – mostly just to see what that side of the island looked like.  The Lavendar Farm was fun as a place to stop and the grounds are pretty if you are in the area, but not a destination in itself for a day trip.

They had interesting trees and plants…

IMG_3006 IMG_1242


pretty flowers…

IMG_1239 IMG_1226

lavender of course…


and the views from the farm were great – very different landscape than the beaches and tropical areas along the Road to Hana…


From the highest point of the lavender farm, you could see the coastline in the distance.  It was really cool!


They had a fun activity to entertain kids (and I guess it kind of gets you to walk the entire grounds).  They had a treasure hunt to find different sites on the grounds, and then you got a stamp at each site.


When your card gets filled from the treasure hunt you stop by the gift shop for a “prize”.  The prize was cookies which of course Carter could not eat :(.

After the lavender farm we had more time to kill so stopped at Hookipa beach for the 2nd time this trip – watched the surfers again.


Pretty cool as the waves were much bigger than earlier in week.

IMG_1325 IMG_1326

I just can’t get enough of these gorgeous views of the ocean and the coastline.  We savored every last moment!

IMG_1346 IMG_1302

We went to Rock n Brew for dinner in Paia again since we loved it the first time.  We all ordered pretty much same thing we had the first time we visited (burgers for Joe and I – pizza for Carter).

Returned car and chilled at airport.  Uneventful but long flights home.  Got home Sunday around noon wearing shorts and flip flops – 55 degrees but sunny.  Spring is in Minnesota and now planning our next trip – either back to Maui or to Kauai again.  Have not decided which is my favorite yet so definitely another trip to Hawaii is needed either way!

It was a great time had by all – we definitely loved Maui and will return for sure some day even if not our next trip, as there were many things we would have liked to have seen and done – and I will take the weather, beautiful sites, ocean breezes, and sunsets anytime!

Good-bye Maui – for now but not forever!

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One thought on “Day 10 – Enjoying our last day in Paradise

  1. Loved reading your entire trip report! Found it on Trip Advisor. My fiancee and I are going to Oahu and Maui in April 2015 for our honeymoon (first time in Hawaii for us both), and it’s overwhelming trying to plan out the two weeks. Thanks for documenting everything so thoroughly–it will help me and other travelers a lot. I’d been reading about the Road to Hana, and was leaning towards skipping it, but your post convinced me it’s worth the drive!

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